La MeJor Livestock


La Mejor Livestock Company is a feedyard based in Seymour, Texas, with a satellite office in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards.  Offering custom grazing programs, preconditioning and backgrounding, livestock hauling, order buying and a growing livestock consulting business.

In addition to its original stocker program, La Mejor also has a cow/calf operation that currently runs 500 head of mother cows.

During a normal year, the La Mejor cowboys will take care of 30,000 yearlings.  The grazing area encompasses six counties throughout Texas along with several ranches in New Mexico, Oklahoma and Colorado.  Each cowboy is assigned a certain amount of country and cattle.  They in turn report to headquarters daily ensuring that all the needs of the customers’ cattle are met.

With thousands of acres of wheat and grass land, La Mejor can meet all of your cattle grazing needs.

What we Do